Discover your path to wellness through Allied Health Care

Australia’s 200,000 allied health professionals are university qualified practitioners with specialised expertise in preventing, diagnosing and treating a range of conditions and illnesses. Collectively, they constitute nearly a third of the healthcare workforce, delivering 200 million services yearly.

Accessing allied health care with Elevate

Elevate’s skilled, accredited and dedicated team of allied health practitioners are here to support your diverse needs. We can provide therapeutic supports at our central office, in regional/remote areas, via Telehealth, and in the community. Please contact us today to discuss your needs.


Unlock the healing power of equine therapy with NDIS support! Our team of skilled Allied Heath practitioners welcomes NDIS participants to experience personalised sessions that blend the therapeutic magic of horses with expert care.

Harness the benefits of equine-assisted healing on your unique journey towards well-being – let’s stride together towards a brighter tomorrow!

Social Work

Our team of accredited social workers can work with both NDIS participants and private clients, providing inclusive and supportive services including counselling, workshops, group sessions and 1-1 therapeutic supports.

We offer face-to-face appointments at our offices in Mile End, and can provide mobile services within SA. Social Work Telehealth appointments are also available upon request.


Elevate’s team of counsellors and psychotherapists provide direct clinical support to participants of the NDIS, private clients, and those on My Aged Care or work cover.

Counselling can assist individuals with goal setting, communication skills, trauma, mental health, and many other issues and complex problems.

Behaviour Intervention

Our behaviour support practitioners can assist participants of the NDIS to reduce behaviours of concern by providing support plans in consultation with families and caregivers.

Strategies involved in positive behaviour support plans can lead to better communication, increased community participation, relationship building, and increased independence.


Occupational Therapist (or simply OTs) can assist individuals to maintain, improve, or regain their independence and mobility.

Elevate’s Occupational Therapists can work with participants of the NDIS or private clients, and can provide functional capacity assessments with little to no waiting period.

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